Ways to Take Care of Your Washing Machine

fully automatic washing machine and a semi-automatic washing machine. Depending on the settings of your washing machine, you need to set the right mode for washing different fabrics. By taking care of these factors, you can enjoy the advanced features of your washing machine for a long time.

“>All those who grew up in the 80’s and the 90’s would be vividly familiar with the sight of their mothers spending grueling hours in the bathroom beating dirt out of clothes with a wooden shaped bat, which sometimes also doubled up as a cricket bat while playing in the gully. But what we would not remember is that the hours our mothers spent washing clothes left her hands rough and her back permanently in pain. Then just like a Christmas miracle, her prayers were answered and the washing machine made an entry. Washing machines changed the entire look and feel of the Indian Middle class. The mothers also experienced a complete overnight transformation. From the sad and distressed Nirupa Roy, she became the fun-loving and friendly Farida Jalal. That is the power of washing machine, but we all know that with great power comes great responsibility. Hence, to ensure that our washing machines work seamlessly to their best capacity, we must take care of them responsibly. Here are a few tips I have seen my mother following to keep her Samsung washing machine running well for the last 7-8 years without a single glitch. Keep the Machine dry: Always ensure to wipe dry the washing machine after use. This will protect the machine from rusting and keep it running for long. Also, do not keep your washing machine in the bathroom where the floor is always wet. But, if you do not have any other option, keep the machine on a stand to avoid direct contact with the floor. Don’t overload your Washing Machine: Read the owner’s manual for appropriate instructions. When you overload the machine, clothes do not get washed properly. Also, this throws the machine off balance and can lead to a lot of problems later. Keep the Washing machine on a level: It’s abnormal for washing machines to vibrate intensely while washing clothes. If your washing machine is not exactly leveled, with all four legs on the floor, it may rock back and forth and vibrate strongly. This will damage the washing machine.