The Features of hedge trimmers and some essential tips

Features & Functions of hedge trimmers

Along with ride on Mowers in Berwick, the hedge trimmer has earned a permanent position in domestic gardens. This is an affordable piece of trimming instrument that is quite essential in sculpting the hedges and bushes. These trimmers come in different shapes and sizes, and produced by many known retail brands.

How it works

The hedge trimmer looks like a chainsaw. The operating parts are at the back of the machine, while at the front are the large blades, which are primary functionary parts. Trimmers generally come in two types – single blade (non-reciprocating) and dual blades (reciprocating blades). Single blade is used to cut small amount of foliage, shrubs, hedges and others. Dual blades are used to cut large foliage. For large gardens, double blades are preferable for clean cut with a minimal effort.

  • For commercial purposes, 28 inches long blades are used. For domestic purposes, it is recommended not use more than 18 inches. You can find blades in DIY stores or professional gardening shops where you can find garden blowers, pressure cleaners in Berwick and other equipment.
  • Hedge trimmers are generally used to cut high bushes or shrubs. The telescopic hedge trimmer has extra features that are the shaft or handle can be elongated to various lengths depending on the job.
  • Blades can be aligned parallel with the top of the hedge. This will allow trimming precisely.
  • Rotating blades feature is also important as it allows you shift the angle of the blades to achieve better flexibility.
  • Electric trimmers are great for small gardens. The cord retainer is the safety feature installed in electric trimmer. The retainer prevents the cord to come out accidently from the energy source.

Hedge trimming tips

  • The hedge trimmer can add an attractive dimension to your garden design. You can add a design to your garden hedges with topiary.
  • Always keep the blade(s) parallel to the hedge and your action must be wide and sweeping. It is advisable to work from the bottom and move upward.
  • If you have high hedges, then you can opt for long reach hedge trimmers Berwick. The handle can be extended to increase the overall reach of the trimmer, and the blade can be aligned so it is positioned horizontally above the hedge.
  • The built-in safety features in hedge trimmers safeguard against any unwarranted mishaps. You need to check the working order before using it. you can use the trigger function if the lock button is on position.