About world-class venue, right on your doorstep

Croydon welcomes all manner of people into its arms; those who love to shop, food and drink lovers, music fans, history enthusiasts… the list continues. One aspect of Croydon that many people tend to overlook, however, is its strong sporting dimension.

If you’re a sports fan searching for apartments for sale in Croydon, you’re in luck. Here are just a few reasons why ISLAND would make the ideal London home for you.

A world-class venue, right on your doorstep

One of London’s – if not the UK’s – best-known and most loved football clubs can be found in Croydon.

The Premier League team Crystal Palace F.C. is based at Selhurst Park, a stadium with a capacity of over 26,000. It’s the perfect place to take in ‘The Beautiful Game’, with matches here being frequent and easy to enjoy, as the ground is a mere 10-minute drive or half-hour walk from ISLAND.

In addition to playing host to a Premier League team, Croydon has a semi-professional football club, Croydon F.C. As well as playing frequent matches at the Croydon Sports Arena, the club runs a youth programme catering to children of a range of ages. You never know, your child may very well be the next sporting star to graduate from there.

Croydon is home to sports personalities galore

Croydon is or has been home to many familiar faces from the worlds of music, television and comedy, but surprisingly few people are aware of the fair share of famous sportspeople to have graced its streets as well.

Martyn Rooney, for example, has won a dozen medals in total across various athletics events, specialising in the 400-metre sprint. Also hailing from the town is Tasha Danvers, who gained a bronze medal in the 400-metre hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Other Croydon-born sportspeople have made their mark in such wide-ranging disciplines as multi-national football, English Test cricket and even NBA basketball.

Whether you plan to be a punter or a player, we truly believe that Croydon is a hub for all things sport – so why wait any longer to contact us about securing one of the few remaining available ISLAND apartments?