A Fancy Dcor Ideas That You Should Avoid

Home dcor ideas are flowing in from all possible sources from your dear friends to the internet. There are so many suggestions just waiting to be turned into reality. But the thing is not all of them are going to give the results that you are looking for. Some ideas are best left on the pages of the internet. When translated into reality they might look just as great but turn out to be pain to clean and maintain.

Not all ideas out there are meant to suit everyone. Places like Pinterest are full of pictures which make our jaws drop. When we lay eyes on them, we get instantly excited and order certain things. But don’t get swayed by just the pictures. You need to think about things in a practical manner. Something that looks pretty on paper might in reality be more of a curse than a blessing.

Here are some things that you should be weary of before making changes to your apartments.

Open shelves

Open shelves look very pretty. The thought of getting a well arranged area induces happiness to any home maker. But the thing with open shelves in flats is that they will tend to get dirty fast. They are exposed to the elements and so will accumulate a ton of dust and dirt. So however tempting they might like in that fancy photo shoot, if you don’t have the time to clean and maintain them, they are a strict no-no.

Chalkboard walls

Chalkboard walls are a rage on the interest. Go to any home dcor site on the interest or browse through their magazine version and you will find at least one article praising these walls. The concept is good no doubt. It will work for both adults and kids who have an artistic bend of mind. But there are very practical difficulties to maintaining one in your apartments. The paint is very thick and hence painting over it becomes quite a task. A chalk never really works that well on a wall as it does on a black board. So really weigh the pros and cons before you make this decision for your flats.

Kitchen dcor

The kitchen is a place full of dust and grease. Imagine hanging a piece of art here. It will just collect all the dust and grease from your daily efforts at the stove. You might want a pretty kitchen but is it worth the time spent cleaning the dcor there as well? Cooking a meal and then cleaning the utensils is in itself quite a chore. Don’t burden yourself if you don’t have the time for this. Practicality over pretty is what you should say to yourself the next time you see an artsy kitchen.

Raised bowls as sinks

These vessel sinks look quite beautiful and elegant no doubt. But cleaning them will be a big pain. And if the faucet has a strong flow of water, these sinks will splatter water all over. Not a good buy if you ask us.